Dharmendra Rai

Mumbai's First Mind Map Trainer

Declared a " Genius " by Tony Buzan - Mind Map Inventor & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee !

Endorsed by Jack Canfield - " The Secret " Teacher & The Co Creator of The Chicken Soup For The Soul Series ( Sold Over 5 0 0 Million Copies ! ) !

Ranked # 1 in a International Creativity Test Organized by Tony Buzan & Chris Griffiths , CEO , ThinkBuzan in Dubai

Trained In Lateral Thinking By Edward de Bono , The Father Of Creativity & Nobel Economics Prize Nominee

NLP Master Practitioner , Endorsed For NLP By Sue Knight One Of The Global Pioneers In NLP , Author Of NLP At Work

Conducted 2 2 9 Mind Map Seminars

Mind Map seminars done for Execs of Many Fortune 500 Cos , IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School , Johns Hopkins & London School of Economics Alumni

Has 6 0 0 + Testimonials on his website Including One From A Guiness World Record Breaker

Probably the Most Endorsed Trainer In The World On Linkedin . 7 8 0 0 + Endorsements

Has 850 + Video Testimonials and 5 4 0 0 0 + Views on his YouTube Channel

"Dharmendra Rai' gave rise to over 8 Million Reference Pages on Google

Speaker at The World HRD Congress 2012

One of the Most Connected People on the Planet. Linkedin : 2 8 , 0 0 0 + Connections . FB : 5 , 0 0 0 Connections

Klout Score : 73 . Is one of the most influential people in the world on Social Media

Member of Mensa International ( An International High IQ Society )

Appeared on CNBC, Times Of India, DNA , Zee Business and Channel V

15 Years Work Ex With Cos like Morgan Stanley, Alliance Capital. Last Position - National Sales Head , Benchmark Mutual Fund , Now Goldman Sachs

Joined the elite list of extremely rare human beings in the history of planet earth , who have been A TED x Speaker Not Just Once But Twice ! First On Creativity & Mind Mapping . Second On Invisible Selling . It was an honour for him to speak at a platform that has had Tony Buzan, Anthony Robbins , Ray Kurzweil ,Bill Gates , Bill Clinton , Stephen Hawking , Richard Branson & Monica Lewinsky

Videos On TED x Channel That Has Over 543 MILLION Views

1 st TEDx Talk On Creativity & Mind Mapping :

2nd TEDx Talk on Invisible Selling By The World's First INVISIBLE Selling Trainer :

Marquis Who's Who Nominee

Nominated for A UN ( United Nations ) Award For Contribution To Brain Literacy

Awarded The GENIUS Mind Map Trainer Award At Ishma Spiritual Awards 2015

Co Inventor - www.FreeLearningResources.Com With Rishi Gangoly

Is Also The World s First & Only Wontpower Science Trainer